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Brain Cognition

Improving psychiatry theory and prediction using mathematical tools

Psychological studies have started incorporating tools from other disciplines - primary among them being mathematical models that help integrate insights emerging from studies of...
Incidence Cases of Cholera by time

Mathematics helped predict when cholera epidemic in Yemen would peak

Epidemics - though infrequent in current day and age - are a menace when they actually happen and predicting them would definitely give us...
Librem 5

Purism announces plans for Librem 5 smartphone, raises $93,994

Yet another open source smartphone is in the works with Purism announcing its plans of launching a privacy-respecting GNU/Linux smartphone called Librem 5 as...

Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark reaches feature freeze stage

Ubuntu developers have confirmed that Ubuntu 17.10, the Artful Aardvark, has now reached the feature freeze stage and from now on will mostly see...

QupZilla web browser part of KDE project, renamed to KDE Falkon

The QupZilla open-source web-browser is now a part of the KDE project and as a part of this move it has been renamed KDE...
Network Monitoring

Marple makes monitoring of networks much more efficient

Researchers at MIT, Cisco Systems, and Barefoot Networks have developed a new approach to network traffic monitoring that not only provides flexibility over data...
Quantum Encryption

One step closer toward practical quantum encryption over free-space networks

Scientists have, for the first time, sent across quantum-secured message through the air above a city thereby demonstrating that practical quantum encryption over free-space networks is...