Our Team

Ravi Mandalia – Founder & Editor


Ravi has over 10 years of experience in online news industry. He started out as a content writer for a number of news organizations around the world, eventually landing the job of editor at a couple of online publishers. He decided to start Parity Media and under it a number of online publications including HighTech Caller.

Carol Harris – Sub-Editor


Carol eats, drinks and sleeps current affairs. She has over 7 years of experience in the news industry at various levels from contributor to sub-editor. She has played instrumental role in creation of HighTech Caller as is our primary source of news from the US and Canada.

Bryan White – Contributor


Bryan has been a contributor in a number of online news publishing houses as a freelancer. He is a seasoned contributor with extensive experience in covering a number of topics including technology, science and health.

Marjory Lewis – Contributor


Marjory has a degree in Chemistry, a PhD in Biochemistry and years of experience working and writing in the pharmaceutical industry. She is well versed with scientific terminologies and hence covers Science and health for HighTech Caller.

Adrian Thompson – Contributor


Adrian has been a businessman for 20 years and eventually decided to retire and take up journalism and writing. He covers business stories for HighTech Caller.