GM Plans To Layoff About 4,000 Salaried Workers In North America

GM plans to layoff about 4,000 salaried workers in North America. Starting Monday, layoffs at General Motors are part of a 15% jobs cutting in country that the largest U.S. vehicle manufacturer first announced in November 2018.

At the time, the company also announced plans to stop production at four plants in North America and a fifth in Canada.

GM aims to complete as many of the layoffs as possible ahead of the company’s fourth-quarter earnings report. GM is moving towards the front with the salaried staff reductions as well as halt of those plants which contains around 6,000 hourly jobs.

According to the report, the company offered buyout packages to 18,000 employees with at least 12 years of service in November. However, the company was aiming to offer 8,000 voluntary buyout packages. according to one of the people briefed on the matter, GM have eliminated 1,500 contract employees.

The report states that GM has offered to all 2,800 hourly workers of those plants and around 1,000 are ready while the other 3,000 hourly workers are seraching for jobs and training with the help of company in Canada

“We are not confirming timing. Our employees are our priorities and we will communicate with them first,” spokesman of GM Pat Morrissey said on Friday.

Gm planned to cut many of the production plants in the United States and Canada as the company is now focusing to make trucks, sport utility vehicles and crossovers. The customers are moving their interest towards these vehicles which end to be more profitable for car makers.

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