Flower Price Accelerates On Valentine’s Day

Flower price accelerates on Valentine’s Day. A dozen roses at Kroger stores normally cost $10. They double up during Valentine’s Day. The scramble of flowers generates global logistics gridlock and escalated transportation costs for restricted supply of decomposable flowers.

Charles Hall, professor of horticulture at Texas A&M University said that it was an ancient economic axiom supply and demand. It’s an expensive forte to get them to the market.

Flower shops spread across the country have been formulating for Valentine’s Day, the industry’s elaborate days for months. Kroger, (KR) the country’s biggest florists commenced preparing for Valentine’s Day last spring with raisers in Colombia and Ecuador. The two countries were the largest flower exporters to the US during last year’s valentine’s season as per the US customs and border protection.

Jennifer Lien, Kroger’s director of floral merchandising said that it’s extremely intricate. We have to sustain a cold chain. The quality should not be compromised with when shuttling from Colombia to Miami and then throughout the country.

Kroger’s floral team initially appraised how many roses the company would require at its innumerable stores spread throughout the country. More than 250 million roses are produced for Valentine’s Day, as per approximates from the trade group Society of American Florists.

The grocery store also had to ready its supply chain to conserve fresh stems along the journey from South America. Flowers are delicate and possess a concise shelf life. Any inaccuracy along the route could deface them.

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