EU Refuses Renegotiating Brexit Deal As May Arrives In Brussels

EU refuses renegotiating Brexit deal as May arrives in Brussels. Europe has elucidated to British Prime Minister Theresa May, again, that it would never open dialogue on Brexit agreement as she entered in Brussels to convince EU leaders to accord to significant alterations as requested by the UK parliament.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that EU could only append wording to the political pronouncement about what they target for in their succeeding relationship.

May’s convention with EU leaders occurs amidst an inhospitable aura succeeding European Council President Donald Tusk said that there was a noteworthy place in hell for people who advanced Brexit bereft of a plan to administer it. His words flustered politicians in the UK and heaved criticism from Brexiteers.

Succeeding a convention with Tusk May said that the language he ensued was not considerate and engendered extensive consternation in the UK. British litigators voted last month to send May back to Brussels to renegotiate expression of the Brexit deal particularly over disquiet concerning the Irish backstop. The backstop — an insurance policy devised to circumvent a rigid border between Northern Ireland, which stays as the part of UK, and the Republic of Ireland, an EU member has been significantly a subject of condemnation in May’s deal with British politicians resistant that that they will  not support her deal without alterations. May and Juncker narrated their convention as strong but positive.

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