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Can Social Media Really Negatively Affect Mental Well-Being?

Can social media really negatively affect mental well-being? Some people believe that social media can negatively affect mental well-being. However, researchers behind the new study shows that this might not be the real case.

Several studies have explained that today’s young generation can addict to social media. These researches have shown the association of poor sleep, poor mental health, and poor self-esteem with negative impact on mental well-being. But now, latest research pin points the reverse link between these two.

In this study, the researchers used two separate groups of participants. First group included 594 adolescents in the sixth, seventh, or eighth grade while the other contained 1,132 undergraduate students.

The team looked at how much time these youngsters spent on social media as well as on exercising, and watching TV. They analyzed symptoms of depression using the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale.

Their findings, which now features in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, found no link between social media use and depressive symptoms in both groups of participants.

“When parents read media headlines such as ‘Facebook Depression,’ there is an inherent assumption that social media use leads to depression. Policymakers also have recently been debating ways to tackle the effects of social media use on mental health,” lead study author Taylor Heffer explains.

The researchers explain that the excessive use of social media didn’t lead to depression. Some people misuses social media, while some simply use it to stay connected with friends. Scientists will now need to work on this finding to help medical experts, parents, and authorities find out the best path forward.

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