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Do Tattoos Negatively Affect Health

Do tattoos negatively affect health? Popularity of tattoos has grown dramatically over recent decades. A new study, based on a survey, looked at whether tattoos have any adverse health effect or risk.

In the United States, just 16 percent of people had a tattoo in 2003 while that figure has rose to 29 percent by 2015. In the past, some people thought that tattoos can cause risk-taking behavior as well as increase health risks.

According to a report published in the journal Pediatrics in 2017, a retrospective analysis from 2007 to 2008 showed that they were associated with alcohol and drug use, weapons carrying, suicide, violence, eating disorders, and sexual activity.

However, the growing popularity has lowered some of the negative assumptions related to tattoos. Now, a new study published in the International Journal of Dermatology, looks for a new discovery.

The researchers used old data from a study conducted in July 2016. the data was based on 2,008 participants from United States. For the findings, the team asked them questions related to both physical and mental health. The questions included habits such as drug use, sexual activity, and sleep quality. While looking at the physical health, the scientists found no strong relationships between tattoos and negative health outcomes.

Our results indicate that having tattoos in general, and the features therein specifically, are not significantly related to overall health status,” the authors note.

The team states that the tattoos were more common in married or divorced people compared to those who are single.

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