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Video Education, a Plus or a Minus

Video education, a plus or a minus, this issue can be debated for a long time to come. There are two camps: one that thinks that educational videos are a boon to their kids and the other considers them as a mind numbing apparatus.

Some people think that the books and activities are a superior kind of a venture. When the kids watch the videos their parents chose indicating that rest of the stuff is crap, they are wrong. A group of four education researchers headed by Susan B. Neuman at New York University, carried out an in depth research published in April 2018 of 100 of the most watchable videos that assert to be “educational” and stream over Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now and Google Play. They entailed “Sesame Street,” “Blue’s Clues,” “Martha Speaks” and “Dora the Explorer,” all decidedly admired and cherished programs that usually reappear on to watch list. The researchers discovered that a high percentage of the videos instructed certain vocabulary, they were inundated with more educational content then could be imagined. They also discovered that four year olds were watching it intently and acquiring new vocabulary.

Neuman said that there is a certain section of the population that says it’s a waste of time and are highly perturbed about their children watching these media, but it is a shameful thought as children are actually gaining knowledge from it. The parents think that they are passive but in reality they are not.

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