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Worldwide Ocean Warming Inflates Drastically Than Observed Ever Before

Worldwide ocean warming inflates drastically by the time and their frequency crossing the previously recorded rates like never observed before, more commonly at the locations nearby Australia, as the new discovery says.

The heat wave days have been registered with a significantly increased number raised around by 54 per cent than being registered since the last century all over the world, according to determination by the researchers disclosed in the journal – Nature Communications, built with the help of data obtained from the long existing sites and satellites probing temperature at the sea-surface.


Associate professor and author of the published study, Lisa Alexander said in a statement that, “We have seen an increasing trend in the frequency and duration [of marine heat waves], and that trend has accelerated in the past 30 years or so. We could see it accelerated even more, given what we’ve seen recently.”

The research team has defined the marine heat wave by comparing it with hotter five consecutive days of drastically increased temperatures during specific seasons or at regions of some specific. Such kind of extremely high temperatures is more likely to lead the marine species like corals, oysters and kelp in the list of extinction.

Former NASA climatologist for Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Bill Patzert stated that, “Terrestrial heat waves tend to be the most deadly of all weather phenomena. The unequivocal proof of global warming is ocean warming — it’s pretty simple. In some ways the extreme events in ocean, like on the land, can be more punishing than slower moving events. So, when you pile it on with these marine heat waves, then it just exacerbates the situation. It makes it more devastating.”




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