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Immuno-Chemotherapy Combo Extends Lung Cancer Victim’s Survival Period

Immuno-chemotherapy combo extends lung cancer victim’s survival period, says the latest comprehensive study. According to the recently obtained finings, the medical experts suggest a new way to be used in treating lung cancer.

patients who have long been fighting with even critical level of lung cancer can live longer along with an improved status of the disease, if they treated with the chemotherapy combined with a new drug which is able to activate the immunity system.

Medical experts have already been using immunotherapy to treat different types of cancers. Similarly, the new drug known as checkpoint inhibitors allows the immune system of the patient in order to destroy the deadly cancerous cells.


Leading researcher of this study, Dr. Leena Gandhi says ‘What it suggests is that chemotherapy alone is no longer a standard of care.’ she is the Thoracic Medical Oncology Program director for the Perlmutter Cancer Center at the New York University Langone Health.

Chief of Medical Oncology, Dr. Roy Herbst from the Yale Cancer Center said that, “I’ve been treating lung cancer for 25 years now, and I’ve never seen such a big paradigm shift as we’re seeing with immunotherapy. If you want to see long-term survival, you’ve got to give immunotherapy as soon as possible. Chemotherapy has limitations. Immunotherapy has the ability to cure. We have patients on these immunotherapies are alive more than eight years.”

Findings of the research were presented and published in American Association meeting for Cancer Research in Chicago and The New England Journal of Medicine respectively.



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