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Arctic’s Offbeat Ice Circles Perplexed NASA Scientists

Arctic’s offbeat ice circles perplexed NASA scientists …! Amazing pictures have been clicked exposing strange ice holes of the Arctic Ocean, when a routine flyover was managed by a NASA scientist, John Sonntag above the ocean.

A satellite image was posted by NASA for the first time through its monthly blog – Earth Matters, on 17th April, which showed an ice sheet consisting holes, asking people to guess what the weird thing is that. The images revealed an extremely unusual range of shapes and structures of the sea ice.

Currently the organization is working on its major project known as ‘IceBridge’, for which it sends aircrafts over the two Polar Regions with intend to map land, obtained the photographs and explore the ice sheets. NASA even reported that those ice circles may not have produced, but eroded from the seals to form such pockets, which they could use for breathing.


Chris Shuman from the University of Maryland at the NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center based Baltimore County glaciologist said in a statement that, “It could be warm water that is melting through the Arctic ocean sea ice. This is in pretty shallow water generally, so there is every chance this is just ‘warm springs’ or seeps of ground water flowing from the mountains inland that make their presence known in this particular area.”

“The other possibility is that warmer water from Beaufort currents or out of the Mackenzie River is finding its way to the surface due to interacting with the bathymetry, just the way some polynyas form,” Shuman added.

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