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Advanced Sticky Skin Patch Monitors Body Glucose Flawlessly In Diabetics

Advanced sticky skin patch monitors body glucose flawlessly in the millions of people suffering from diabetes, a scientific technology abandoning the traditional blood tests being performed pricking finger as an unpleasant chapter of diabetics’ life.

An adhesive, non-invasive patch gives hopes to effectively and precisely measure the glucose levels without pricking a finger and test the blood. According to the review released by the Nature Nanotechnology, the technology has been designed especially to discard the painful and undesirable way of testing diabetic glucose, which is used currently by millions of patients frequently.


“A non-invasive – that is, needle-less – method to monitor blood sugar has proven a difficult goal to attain”, said Professor Richard Guy at the Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, in a statement. “The closest that has been achieved has required either at least a single-point calibration with a classic ‘finger-stick’, or the implantation of a pre-calibrated sensor via a single needle insertion.”

Belonging from the University of Bath, a research team has devised the skin patch, which tracks glucose all through the body right from fluid at the cells from the hair follicles, accessing them individually through the series of micro sensors with the help of slight electric current.

Adelina Ilie, PhD, lead supervisor at the Department of Physics stated that, “The specific architecture of our array permits calibration-free operation, and it has the further benefit of allowing realization with a variety of materials in combination. We utilized graphene as one of the components as it brings important advantages: specifically, it is strong, conductive, flexible, and potentially low-cost and environmentally friendly.”

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