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Toshiba releases dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses

Toshiba releases dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses and entering the world of wearable computing.  The new Windows-powered smart glasses are a slightly more powerful pair of Google Glasses except they are powered by Toshiba’s dynaEdge Mini PCs.


Augmented Reality could become the roadmap for Google, Apple and others in the next few years. The PC maker launches its new AR100 Head Mounted Display product today, starting at $1899 and is aiming to make those systems a lot more useful for business users.

Toshiba wants to sell something that lets employees record and send photos, view documents and PDFs without the use of hands and for that, it has included a custom interface to control the headset. The company is positioning this headset to allow industrial users launch remote video chats directly from the headset.

The headset features GPS, a head tracking accelerometer, a tiny touchpad, and megapixel camera as well as dual noise cancelling microphones and an ear speaker for communication.  Additionally, the system also supports Skype For Business.

The AR100’s camera has the ability to recognize parts or QR codes that is designed to track potential health and safety hazards or catch any mistakes before they become serious.

Toshiba is adding a wireless keyboard and mouse with a USB-C hub which has HDMI, USB-C, ethernet, VGA, and USB connectivity. Its battery runs for maximum around four hours of full video use.

Apart from the standard model, Toshiba is offering the safety goggles, a headstrap, and a construction helmet along with the headset.

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