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Robotic Surgery Removed Girl’s Head Tumor at the Hospital in Australia

Robotic surgery removed girl’s head tumor at the Epworth Hospital in Australia. The surgery has been succeeded at its first attempt just performed on Freyja Christiansen, a six years old girl at the hospital in Richmond.

The little girl, Freyja Christiansen was diagnosed with an unusual kind of sarcoma in December 2016 near the area of the base of skull as well as many other tumors with in her neck and head. Earlier, the therapy she underwent, known as immunotherapy helped the girl shorten the tumors.


But the family of Christiansen asked doctors a life time solution and started a worldwide hunt for a doctor giving assurance of successfully operating the girl. The Epworth Hospital, where, the operation was performed associated with the Royal Children’s Hospital, as concern with immediate availability of pediatric care around the patient.

Dr Ben Dixon, a neck and head surgeon atthe Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre agreed to attempt the major tumor surgery to save the life of the girl. The surgery was made successfully completed with the help of a robot that entered via her mouth and removed the rarely found type of cancer – clear-cell sarcoma from the parapharyngeal.

“Freyja had a tumor between her throat and her carotid artery up behind the palate in a very tricky spot, as well as a number of other tumors around the head and neck region, but it was this particular tumor that people were quite concerned about operating on,” said Dr Dixon in a statement.

Dr Dixon added that, “She wasn’t too happy with her feeding tube the first day so we took that out the next day, and she has been eating and drinking sufficiently since the first day after surgery so she hasn’t needed any tubes [for] feeding.”

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