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A Third New Legionnaires’ Disease Case Found at Quincy Veterans’ Home

A third new Legionnaires’ disease case found at Quincy veterans’ home. The Illinois Department of Human Services has reported the third new case of Legionnaires’ disease case on Tuesday, February 13.


A third new Legionnaires’ disease case found and the illness has been linked to the 13 people’s deaths at the home since 2015. According to the IDHS, a patient of the Chester Mental Health Facility is being treated and is in stable condition.

Legionnaires Disease is typical pneumonia’s form caused by any type of Legionella bacteria.  The bacterium is found in fresh water and it can contaminate hot water tanks and hot tubs. Symptoms of the Legionnaires Disease include Nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.

In response the state is installing a new filter on sinks to reduce aeration, boosting water disinfection to reduce potential exposure, limiting bathing to showers only, and checking residents’ temperatures every two hours.

An Illinois panel is demanding a complete and clear schedule of the events encompassing Legionnaires’ disease’s destructive outbreak at the Quincy Veterans Home.

“If the water gets a little bit warm – and especially if you’ve got churning water – the Legionnaires Disease will leech out into the air and people will breathe it in. When you hear about Legionnaires Disease, you tend to hear about a bunch of people getting it at once because usually, it means that it got in the air somewhere,” said Murphysboro doctor, Jeff Ripperda.

The IDHS is working with the Jackson County Health Department, the Illinois State Health Department, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, and the Randolph County Public Health Department to find the roots of the bacteria and treat it accordingly.


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