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Slow Eating Promotes Weight Loss, Reports New Study

Slow eating promotes weight loss, according to the new research disclosed by the journal BMJ Open. The study indicates that the eating speed is also an important factor affecting on the weight of a person.

A team of researchers from Japan conducted an analysis to study the impacts of eating speed on the person’s status of obesity, which determined in Japan if the BMI goes higher than 25. The research team followed more than 59,000 men and women in Japan suffering from the Type 2 Diabetes and asked them to rate their own speed of eating as faster, normal or slower.

Slow eating promotes weight loss

The research discovered that slow eaters were linked to the decreased level of obesity, waist circumference and BMI. moreover, the team also came to know that there are a few eating habits in obese people such as continually eating dinner within every two hour before bed time, skipping breakfast and snacking after dinner.

Metabolic physiology professor, Ian MacDonald from the University of Nottingham described the findings obtained in the research as a few people changed their eating speed while being followed in research, but such changes didn’t support so much to the change in their BMI.

Prof. MacDonald said in a statement that, “It is certainly not appropriate to extrapolate from these observations to conclude about eating speed and the development of obesity – however attractive the idea that fast eaters are likely to eat more, and that eating more leads to weight gain.”

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