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Scientists Found 15 Face Shaping Genes – Research Could Help Facial Reconstructive Surgeries

Scientists found 15 face shaping genes, among which the research team believes that seven genes are responsible for nose features while others are associated to facial features.

A team of researchers from the universities of Stanford, Penn State, Pittsburgh and KU Leuven has discovered the 15 genes, which play role in determining the specific facial features in the person. The findings obtained from the research have been disclosed in the Nature Genetics.


Previous studies have already identified that DNA is responsible for a facial look of the particular person and the genetic markers are eye color, skin, etc. for physical traits. however, the team hopes that genes identification for the facial features could help shed a new light on other domains of science such as the technologies for face detection and recognition system, facial reconstructive surgeries with the help DNA profiles of patients or sketching suspect’s face in forensic labs using DNA obtained from the crime scene.

Dr. Peter Claes from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium, a leading author of the published study said in a statement that, “This modular division technique made it possible for the first time to check for an unprecedented number of facial features.”

According to Dr. Claes, this novel discovery could help provide the genetic perception in to the human brain functioning and shape features. It could be also helpful in boosting the treatments of neurodegenerative conditions that include Alzheimer’s disease.

Mark Shriver, a genetic researcher from the Pennsylvania State University, United States stated that, “We won’t be able to predict a correct and complete face on the basis of DNA tomorrow. We’re not even close to knowing all the genes that give shape to our face.”

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