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Roku and Samsung TVs are Vulnerable To Hacking: Consumer Reports Warns

Roku and Samsung TVs are vulnerable to hacking, according to the testing carried out by Consumer Reports. The reports found that millions of Roku devices and Samsung smart TVs can be controlled by hackers.


According to the magazine, Roku and Samsung TVs are vulnerable to hacking and a hacker could play offensive content, crank up the volume and change channels through the web from thousands of miles away.

The report says the flaws can affect Samsung TVs, plus models made by TCL, other brands that use Roku Smart TV platform and its popular streaming devices. Other devices such as smart TVs from Sony, Vizio, and LG are also vulnerable to hacking.

A smart TV lets users to watch Internet-based sites such as Netflix or Hulu, so the Internet-connection makes the vulnerabilities easier.

In addition, the good news is TVs’ security vulnerabilities won’t allow hackers to steal your information, the Consumer Reports says.

Consumer Reports says. “It could be exploited only if the user had previously employed a remote control app on a mobile device that works with the TV, and then opened the malicious webpage using that device.”

This report has raised privacy concerns like how much information was being collected about users.

However, Roku said Wednesday morning in a blog post that Consumer Reports “got it wrong” and there is “no security risk” with its devices.

Roku’s Gary Ellison describes the Consumer Reports study and says that consumers can turn off the application programming interface on their Roku player or Roku TV by going to Settings>System>Advanced System Settings>External Control>Disabled.

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