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Kent State Prepares For NASA Robotic Mining Competition

Kent State prepares for NASA Robotic Mining Competition encompassing its robotics team that hosted competitors from Case Western, University of Akron and Virginia Tech for practicing on Saturday in the Schwartz Center.

The teams form rovers every year for digging a huge pit full of gravel and sand to practice with the robots. teams observe how the corresponding robots response over the surface, the way they use to dig, controlling mechanism like controller linked to mobile phone having an app that interacts with the real robot and interface between computers and rover.


Practice competition doesn’t appear so much like a competition; rather it can be called as information gathering assembly, according to Sarah Rosenbaum, former president and a member of robotics team, while Kent State prepares for NASA Robotic Mining Competition.

Rosenbaum said in a statement that, “One of our advisers said it’s not about competing against each other, it’s about competing against the soil. The May NASA competition is kind of a crowds sourcing event. They will take ideas and concepts from us, if they are good enough, and actually instill then in their projects.”

Robotics Mining Competition conducted by NASA occurs in May that draws over 500 participants and their associated mining robots all through the country that includes Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Madison Spreitzer, President at Kent State Robotics stated that, “We worked with Tallmadge Middle School last year. They got first place in the competition they were in last year and I saw recently they made a robot that can solve a Rubix cube. They are really smart kids. It’s a pleasure working with kids like that.”

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