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Florida School Opens Two Weeks after the Mass Shooting

Florida school opens on Wednesday as for the first time after a mass shooting attempted by a gunman killing 17 students along with staff two weeks ago on the Valentine’s Day.

14 years old student, Bradley Golab from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida said that, “I’m a little nervous but we have to get back so we can get some sense of normalcy. We’re just going to try to support each other.”


Robert Runcie, a superintendent from the Broward County Public Schools conveyed a plan to begin the phased re-opening in order to help students, staff and the transition of community members, with intent to eventually get back to some state of normalcy.

However, the House Appropriations Committee voted to regulate a minimum legal age to purchase any kind of rifle from 18 to 21 years old along with imposing a waiting period of three days for purchasing any gun. Also the handguns buyers must have crossed at least their age of 21 years old with three days of waiting scale.

Lobbyist at the Unified Sportsmen of Florida, Marion Hammer from the National Rifle Association said in a statement that, “Part of what we need to do is make people understand that guns are not the problem. So passing more laws dealing with guns as a solution to a problem that exists within the enforcement of laws is just kind of silly.”




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