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Bill Gates is ready to provide encrypted information

Bill Gates is ready to provide encrypted information on an iPhone to government. Apple and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were engaged in a massive legal battle a couple of years ago.


Apple did not want to create a backdoor into iOS so that the Federal Bureau of Investigation could access encrypted information on an iPhone.

 Apple wasn’t forced to create an iOS backdoor that would allow the government and whoever found it to unlock devices part of investigations.

The FBI found a fix from a third party which proved that particular iPhone model could still be hacked even if protected with a password.

“The companies need to be careful that they are not advocating things that would disturb government work process,” the former Microsoft chief told Axios.

Gates did not explicitly name Apple when talking about the companies “enthusiasm about making financial transactions anonymous and invisible and that should never be available to the government.”

Bill Gates said in press that there’s “no question of ability, It’s the question of willingness.” He allowed the government to break encryption if needed.

One of the important things to afraid is the way technology might be license smaller groups with malicious intentions.

The points taken out by Bill Gates aren’t worthless. We still have to remember that there is no such a safe way to keep safe encryption.

Unless Gates can invent one, then it is unlikely for Apple and any other company that values encryption and consumer safety to kill encryption anytime soon with backdoors in devices or software.

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