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Google’s Gboard Go app is rolling out to Android Devices with Low RAM

Google’s Gboard Go app is rolling out to Android Devices. Google is introducing a lightweight version of its “Go” apps to low-end handsets with low RAM that run Android 8.1 or later.


According to a report, the lightweight version of Gboard Go app uses about 40MB while the standard version uses under 70MB of RAM. The app version 6.9.4 is now available, and users can download it via Play Store.

Both Gboard Go and its standard version run same features, however, Gboard Go comes with some missing features like the ability to search for GIFs and send stickers and sacrifices one-handed mode.

The app only runs on smartphones running Android 8.1 or later and it is limited to Pixel and Nexus phones. Google is seemingly targeting the low-end smartphone market. The company had launched the Android Oreo.

Gboard is developed by Google for Android and iOS and it’s a keyboard app. Initially, it was released in May 2016 on iOS and then launched on Android in December 2016. The company had launched the Android Oreo for entry-level smartphones as well as Files Go.

The launch of this new version is a part of the company’s Android Go project, which contains apps such as “Maps Go” which support devices with between 512MB and 1GB of RAM and limited internet connections. Then there is “YouTube Go” which aimed at devices with limited processing power and slower internet connections. And “Files Go,” which easily cleans up extra files and saves space on your handset.


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