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TrueOS 17.12 released as the latest six-month stable update

TrueOS 17.12 has been released as the latest six-month stable update as the final update for the year 2017.

The FreeBSD-based operating system TrueOS was formerly known as PC-BSD. The operating system is basically a desktop-focused FreeBSD distribution, but it also also offers a server flavor. TrueOS continues using OpenRC as its init system and this cycle they have continued improving their Qt5-based Lumina desktop environment, the Bhyve hypervisor is now supported in the TrueOS server install, improved removable device support, and more.

TrueOS 17.12 is derived from FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT as of earlier this month and it’s also pulling in the FreeBSD ports tree as of the end of November.

In the release note, developers of the OS say they focused on lots of cleanup and stabilization of the distinguishing features of TrueOS including OpenRC, boot speed, removable-device management, SysAdm API integrations, Lumina improvements, and more.

The feature improvements and allow for simple server deployments which also take advantage of the TrueOS improvements to FreeBSD such as:

  • Sane service management and status reporting with OpenRC
  • Reliable, non-interactive system update mechanism with fail-safe boot environment support.
  • Graphical management of remote TrueOS servers through SysAdm (also provides a reliable API for administrating systems remotely).
  • LibreSSL for all base SSL support.
  • Base system managed via packages (allows for additional fine-tuning).
  • Base system is smaller due to the removal of the old GCC version in base. Any compiler and/or version may be installed and used via packages as desired.
  • Support for newer graphics drivers and chipsets (graphics, networking, wifi, and more)
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