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QupZilla web browser part of KDE project, renamed to KDE Falkon

The QupZilla open-source web-browser is now a part of the KDE project and as a part of this move it has been renamed KDE Falkon.

The QupZilla browser has been in development for the last seven years and is based on the Qt WebEngine. The move to KDE was announced by developers of QupZilla earlier this month and had also confirmed at the time they will be renaming the browser. The move to KDE umbrella has finally happened with the browser now named Falkon.

Falkon is now hosted under and is the project’s new web browser. Konqueror meanwhile is still living in KDE4 land and Rekonq as the other KDE web browser hasn’t seen updates in quite some time (2014). Hopefully Falkon will thrive now with its new name and under the KDE community. Its KDE project page is currently here.

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