Business boots BitPay – the website said to have been created by Satoshi Nakamoto himself – has removed BitPay and their bitcoin wallet CoPay BitPay aim to use a different client than Bitcoin Core.

BitPay asked their hundred of thousands of merchants to use the segwit2x client btc1 – a move that led some accusations of fraud. One of those who put forward the claim of fraud is none other than Theymos, who some say is named Michael Marquardt, and the owner of He is even the top moderator of r/bitcoin where he has instituted a strict policy of political censorship and banning in favor of Bitcoin Core generally and Blockstream specifically.

Although is ostensibly open source, Theymos still merged a controversial removal of BitPay because they aim to use a different client than Bitcoin Core.

If it just so happens that all BitPay users upgrade, then that new chain would probably be known as bitcoin, with Bitcoin Core having to fork off to a minority chain by changing difficulty or proof of work. However, that is being strongly resisted as despite having a completely different vision from that of Nakamoto on how bitcoin should operate, they still nonetheless aim to keep the bitcoin name.

It is being opposed from grassroot levels by big block supporters who have created Bitcoin Cash through a chain-split hardfork and by businesses who apparently do actually aim to go ahead with the base blocksize increase hardfork sometime in November.

There isn’t much they can do regarding Bitcoin Cash as it has its own network and developers, but they are seemingly trying to divide businesses and miners by making an example of BitPay, hoping the rest fall in line.

It’s a tactic that has been used previously with Coinbase temporarily removed from there while BitStamp was threaten with a removal too.

Of course, if they did remove all of them, then they’re actually removing themselves. So they are seemingly singling out one for special treatment as a warning to others.

Whether the same repeated tactic will continue to work remains to be seen. But the Bitcoin Core chain is clearly in a very sad state of affairs when Nakamoto’s website is used as a censorship tool.

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