What time is the NBA Finals game? What channel? Is it livestreamed?

This one is looking much different.

Outside the lane, Stephen Curry was conducting a 3-point clinic. Curry didn't score in the second quarter, however.

The Warriors are just too good.

It's worked because Kerr has instilled a team-first ethos into this group, that winning games comes before everything else. Go back and look at the tape and Draymond Green was on him. Thompson was 0-for-3 in 22 minutes. Despite their best efforts, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving couldn't will their team to victory.

A two-time MVP in Curry, and Durant with one MVP award to his credit, have pushed each and taught each other and are now both better off because of it.

The Cavs, as they so painfully learned in Game 1, aren't in the Eastern Conference anymore.

Kevin Durant has had a spectacular NBA Finals so far against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and has proved that he's a worthy addition to the Golden State Warriors for a title run this year.

It's not like the National Basketball Association finals needs more drama but that's exactly what it's getting with the Kevin Durant/Rihanna sideshow now reeling in Steph Curry. We didn't come all this way for a sweep, even if the closest the Warriors have come to a loss in these playoffs was a nailbiter against the Spurs that was notable for including the largest conference finals comeback in 15 years.

LeBron James has 10 points and five assists to lead Cleveland. Some of our lack of communication led to mistakes and led to buckets. I don't know if they can win Game 2.

If the Warriors are simply too powerful, too overloaded, the Cavaliers might need to revert to the tactics they used in 2015 which did feature more attempts at slowing down Golden State. To a man they said they needed to play with more pace.

Kevin Love started 4 for 4 for the Cavs, but was briefly shaken up and seemed to be favoring his left side.

"So there's a contrast between the two of us where I think it fits well because we kind of sort of meet in the middle". That would allow Cleveland to return home with the series even at a game apiece, and with renewed hope of a long series after being drubbed in Game 1. "So, when you come out here, and no matter how greatly prepared you are, you know going against them and being in a game is totally different". He scored six in Game 1. Tristan Thompson, Deron Williams, J.R. Smith, and Kyle Korver combined for a grand total of three points.

While noting that it took seven years to build a championship team at Golden State, Schlenk said the Hawks have numerous elements needed to reach that goal, including a committed owner, a new practice facility and the ongoing $190 million renovation of Philips Arena, as well as long-term plans to develop the blighted area around the team's home. The Cavaliers will have a much better idea of what to expect in game two after "feeling out" the Warriors in game one.

There are some impressive streaks that merit some mention going into Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Cleveland took advantage of his absence in Game 5 to win on the road, then won the next two games to win the series in seven games. James, Irving, and Love have each showcased their ability to get insane hot in these playoffs. The benches celebrated the process of coming away with a huge first game win. So while he was tweeting Thursday about Santa Claus and Australian Rules Football, Durant was dunking on the sort of nonexistent defense typically seen at an All-Star Game and not the NBA Finals. This time, Greg Popovich didn't have Tim Duncan to fall back on.

As the NBA Finals have once again shown.

Attles played for the Warriors in some of the franchise's most memorable games, including Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point masterpiece in 1962.

The Warriors are 13-0 in the playoffs and are trying to become the first team to go through the postseason undefeated.