Weekend Open Forum: What's your take on the Xbox One X?

  • Weekend Open Forum: What's your take on the Xbox One X?

Weekend Open Forum: What's your take on the Xbox One X?

Another issue is the amount of time it takes to make a game of that era work on a modern system.

PlayStation 4 is doing great business for Sony, with an install base exceeding 60 million, PS4 Pro selling well, PSVR performing above expectations, and a dominant presence in markets that as recently as the last console generation, they trailed to both Microsoft and Nintendo. Notably, Microsoft's anticipated Crackdown 3 will launch alongside the X. An interesting thought, but then again the PS4 did manage to sell literally TWICE the number of units the Xbox One chalked up.

Now, this is not exactly an announcement or confirmation but Phil elaborated quite a bit about the prospect of something like Game Pass and giving PC users access to a back catalog of Xbox titles from the original console to the Xbox 360. You can go with Xbox One S, which costs $249 to $299 and enjoy over a hundred games in 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos.

As for design, the One X is smaller than the One S and it is also thinner with a smaller footprint according to reports.

Xbox One X was designed to be the best console to create and play games on, putting the greatest graphic fidelity in the hands of the world's best game creators to create true 4K games. Xbox One X comes with 8-core custom AMD CPU clocked at 2.3GHz. No release date has been announced as to when this will kick-off, but we do know that the first game that will be coming from the original's library is Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge. And I think that's because Microsoft hasn't necessarily been reinventing [with every new console], they've been refining and making it more powerful.

Its new product called Xbox One X. Earlier posts, the device was known codenamed Project Scorpio. One X will come to all Xbox One markets starting November 7, a statement said.

Microsoft is touting a launch lineup with breadth - it showed off 42 games at the Xbox One X's launch news conference, 22 of which are exclusive to Microsoft at launch. This was known, thanks to the well received program of backward compatibility, which now has a catalog of more than 300 games. However, Sony might have a point after all as in the very same interview, Spencer revealed that Cross Network Play in Minecraft requires all players to sign in to Xbox Live.