US Attorney General Jeff Sessions denies links to Russian Federation in Senate testimony

  • US Attorney General Jeff Sessions denies links to Russian Federation in Senate testimony

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions denies links to Russian Federation in Senate testimony

Investigations are now under way into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. He said he didn't recall whether he'd had a third meeting with the Russian ambassador, in addition to the original two he initially failed to report.

The findings come after Comey's testimony about his personal interactions with the president. Susan Collins (R-Me.) if he would fire Mueller.

The irony, of course, is that if the president has done nothing wrong, as he has insisted all along, Mueller is the one guy in Washington who has the credibility to clear him.

Legal analysts, though, were split on whether Sessions did so correctly on Tuesday. "If there were good cause, I would consider it". That's the take-away from a local political science professor after watching testimony Tuesday by Attorney General Jeff Sessions before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Mark Warner of Virginia, the panel's top Democrat, didn't provide any other details regarding the meeting.

"I will have to let his words speak for himself".

He opened his testimony with a fiery assertion that he never had any conversations with Russians about "any type of interference" in the 2016 presidential election.

"Further, I have no knowledge of any such conversations by anyone connected to the Trump campaign", he said. It is obvious that Mueller has given Comey a green light to tell all about his conversations with Trump and more, no doubt so that the people can begin to see how deeply the criminality of this presidency goes.

Sessions recused himself from the Russian Federation probe the next day.

"I don't know, Sen. Americans don't want to hear that answers to relevant questions are privileged".

"We are talking about an attack on our democratic institutions, and stonewalling of any kind is unacceptable", Wyden said.

When the committee gets an answer to that question, it will be a lot closer to getting to the bottom of the Russian Federation collusion allegation than it is today.

"Historically, good faith negotiations between Congress and the Executive Branch have minimized the need for invoking executive privilege, and this tradition of accommodation should continue as the primary means of resolving conflicts between the Branches", Reagan wrote in his November 4, 1982, memorandum.

Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., criticized Sessions for taking an oath to tell the truth and then refusing to answer questions. Lawmakers on Tuesday questioned Sessions about his role in the Trump campaign, his reasons for recusing himself as attorney general from any federal investigation of ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government; and whether he violated the recusal by publicly supporting Comey's firing last month.

"Such interference can never be tolerated, and I encourage every effort to get to the bottom of any such allegations", he stated.

"It is absurd, frankly, to suggestion a recusal from a single specific investigation would render an attorney general unable to manage the leadership of the various Department of Justice law enforcement components that conduct thousands of investigations", Sessions said. I never met with them. So I ask again... what if there's nothing to the story?

They say senior intelligence officials will be interviewed about whether Mr Trump tried to end an inquiry into his sacked national security adviser.

Later, Sessions directly blasted Comey for his testimony in private last week, "This is a secret innuendo out there being leaked about me - and I don't appreciate it". "There are none, Senator Wyden". Comey also testified he had told Trump he was not under investigation. Officials say that changed shortly after Comey's firing.

That answer in my view doesn't pass the smell test. "Nice", the president tweeted. It doesn't pass the smell test. A memorandum was prepared by the deputy attorney general, who evaluated his performance and noted some serious problems with it. You have some saying it's obviously obstruction and others saying it's obviously not.

"Certainly not one thing happened that was improper in any one of those meetings", Sessions said.

12 - Harris: "Are you aware of any communications with any Trump officials or did you have any communications with any officials about Russia or Russian interests in the United States before January 20?"

Asked by Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein if he had discussed Comey's handling of the Russian Federation investigation with Trump or any other official, Sessions said, "I'm not able to comment on that".