Trump on Scalise's condition: 'He's in some trouble'

  • Trump on Scalise's condition: 'He's in some trouble'

Trump on Scalise's condition: 'He's in some trouble'

Meanwhile, investigators in Virginia are hunting for answers to why the 66-year-old IL man carrying grievances against the president and the GOP would let loose a hail of gunfire at a baseball diamond full of Republicans practicing for last night's charity ballgame.

The stadium projected a rare sense of unity in Washington, as members of both parties rallied together after the shocking shooting that left House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana) in critical condition.

At the end of the game when Democratic manager Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Doyle was presented the winning trophy, he called Republican manager Texas Rep. Joe Barton to join him.

Major League Baseball Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr., offered his thoughts and prayers after the shooting and endorsed the decision to play ball.

The other Capitol Police agent who was on site yesterday when shots were fired, Crystal Griner, was shot in in the ankle and remained hospitalized Thursday. Aging former Little Leaguers now in Congress don their spikes and dust off their gloves in a game played for claiming top dog status and to benefit several charities. They are on track to raise $1 million this year, almost twice as much as last year. "I don't know the congressman, but I was horrified". One lawmaker said the baseball team members would have been sitting ducks had the gunman been able to make it onto the field.

At a press conference, President Trump says that wounded Scalise's condition is more hard than people first realized.

"To the extent that people think this is just a game, they're wrong", Richmond told reporters Thursday.

The House of Representatives' No. 3 Republican leader was in grave condition when he was first shot. A hospital statement said Scalise was doing better over the previous 24 hours but would be in the hospital for some time. "I'm prayerful he will pull through, and I hope he does", he said.

Scalise, 51, was in dire condition when he was first shot, but internal bleeding is under control and the prognosis is positive.

Ms Pelosi noted that Mr Trump resorted to violent language at times on the campaign trail, and she accused Republicans of "sanctimony" in seeking to place blame on the left.

But Flake said the final score wasn't likely to matter this year.