Trump offers 'warm support' to Theresa May after poll setback

  • Trump offers 'warm support' to Theresa May after poll setback

Trump offers 'warm support' to Theresa May after poll setback

The Downing St. resignations came as May worked to fill jobs in her minority government and replace ministers who lost their seats on Thursday.

Party leader Arlene Foster, who fought a awful campaign in the recent Assembly elections, has been given something to smile about with her party's bounce back in the general election. It now holds 318 seats.

May's Conservatives lost their parliamentary majority in a humiliating election on Thursday and now need the support of the 10 MPs from Northern Ireland's ultra-conservative DUP to pass votes, sparking widespread calls for her to resign.

Joining forces with the hardline unionist Protestant party also threatens London's neutrality in Northern Ireland, which is key to the delicate balance of power in a province once plagued by violence.

The new arithmetic of the House of Commons will also makes Brexit negotiations more hard.

But her decision to call the general election has backfired, and it is not even certain she will remain at the helm.

Mrs. May faces strong criticism within her own party for her weak performance during the election campaign and for unwisely exercising her prerogative by calling for the election this year, after only two years of a five-year parliament.

But it later disclosed that no deal had been finalised and talks on the arrangement will continue during the week as Mrs May desperately tries to shore up her position after losing her Commons majority in the election.

"Everybody is positioning themselves", said Anand Menon, professor of European politics and foreign affairs at Kings College London. They couldn't possibly prefer a Labour Party that is itself divided over Brexit. It's hard to predict how they'll react, he says.

"May stares into the abyss", wrote The Times, while the Conservative-supporting Sun tabloid said succinctly: "She's had her chips".

"With a weak negotiating partner, there's a danger that the negotiations will turn out badly for both sides". I'm very proud to lead this party.

In Brussels, home of the European Union, there was a mix of puzzlement, confusion and frustration over the chaos of British politics.

A Downing Street spokesperson said: "US President Donald Trump called the Prime Minister to offer his congratulations".

"We don't know when Brexit talks start", Tusk tweeted.

"I would have thought that's enough to go, actually, and make way for a government that will be truly representative of all the people of this country". "Do your best to avoid a "no deal" as result of "no negotiations".

She would get off her back the hardline Brexit fringe that was threatening to hold her to ransom in the exit process; she would win herself the flexibility to make the hard and perhaps unpalatable compromises that would inevitably have to be made with the European Union in the exit negotiations.

"If, as the indications have shown and if this is correct, the Conservative Party has won the most seats and probably the most votes, then it will be incumbent on us to ensure that we have that period of stability and that is exactly what we will do".

Mr Flanagan was asked about suggestions that any Conservative deal with the DUP would undermine Westminster's impartiality as a co-guarantor of the Good Friday Agreement, also known as the Belfast Agreement.

The DUP is skeptical of Europe and is pro-Brexit.

However, it also wants an open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and would like the ability to opt in to European Union funding when it would benefit the province. Results are awaited on just four more seats.

Conservative lawmaker Heidi Allen said Britain needed a prime minister right now so May should stay on, but added that her days were numbered.