Tower Block Fire Survivors Storm London Town Hall

Fire-resistant panels cost 24 pounds ($30.65) per square meter, about 2 pounds ($2.56) more than the standard model, the Times said.

Simon Cowell is organising the release of a song to raise money for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Professor Geoff Gibson at Newcastle University, who has advised the US Navy and the oil and gas industry on the use of fire-resistant materials, said those buildings must now be made safe.

"Obviously, the longer people have to wait, especially finding out what happened to their loved ones, (that) can create anger", said Abdurahman Sayed, Chief Executive Officer of al-Manaar.

British authorities are launching a criminal investigation into the London apartment building fire - as the death toll from the blaze has almost doubled, to 30.

Police have said 30 people are confirmed dead after the blaze, while media reports have said more than 70 are still unaccounted for.

"Sadly, it is expected that the total will rise and it is not expected that any survivors will be found", he said.

Construction company Rydon Group, which undertook the work, and the local authority which owns Grenfell Tower declined to confirm whether the panels were PE. "The building itself is in a very hazardous state".

The Metropolitan police have officially begun a criminal investigation into the fire. "We will be doing that as swiftly as we can".

It is not clear if the document represented the final design used in the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower, a 24-storey 1970s apartment block home to hundreds of residents, or whether fire barriers recommended by industry bodies were installed.

- Commission investigation into all other similar buildings in the borough to identify fire, health and safety risks and put in place immediate control measures.

Pictures showing the charred insides of a flat in the tower block reveal blackened appliances lined up against the wall while charred possessions are scattered across the floor. "Nothing was done to improve fire-proofing standards, The Telegraph writes, while also citing changes in laws, unsafe cladding, no government reviews, and even missing sprinklers to try and explain the tragedy".

The Prime Minister said she "was absolutely focused on ensuring that we get the support on the ground", after announcing a £5million support fund for those whose lives were left upside down after the disaster.

"This is an absolutely bad fire that took place".

He added that the cladding fitted to the outside of the tower - and blamed by many residents for helping spread the fire - would not be used again.

"When you have a fire that takes hold like that, that is literally an inferno". In that case, exterior paneling helped the fire spread. The guidance can only be ignored if there are mitigating circumstances, such as alternative safety measures.

There is palpable anger on the streets that those in authority could have done more to prevent the disaster that has also sparked concerns that the blaze may not be the last such tragedy without dramatic changes to Britain's public housing towers.

Diagrams in a brochure dated 2016 for Reynobond tiles reviewed by Reuters show how polyethylene (PE) core tiles are suitable only for buildings of up to 10 metres in height.