Sony ends PlayStation 3 production

  • Sony ends PlayStation 3 production

Sony ends PlayStation 3 production

In Japan, Sony has discontinued the PlayStation 3, the manufacturer announced on the official website. It made flawless sense, taking into consideration how the only remaining unit which was still being produced in the Land of the Rising Sun happens to be the Sony PS3 500GB make. On the other hand, during its launch in 2006, the company outlined that it was only offering 10-year support to a handful of devices including PS Vita and PS3.

PlayStation Plus June 2017 games lineup has just been leaked ahead of the Official announcement by Sony. The formal E3 reveal of the PlayStation 3 was lowlighted by the console's insanely high price and Sony's.questionable enthusiasm regarding certain launch titles (this was the source of the "Giant enemy crab" and "Ridge Racer!" memes).

Before the PS Plus June 2017 games go live, PS4, PS3 and PS Vita players with an active subscription can still download the PS Plus May 2017 games. No doubt there will be plenty of PlayStation VR headsets around and upcoming Sony games to play.

All six PlayStation Plus games will be available free of charge for subscribers through the month of June. Some of the titles are even available on multiple platforms, while many are PlayStation Vita exclusive games. Ah, but the patch does do a bit more than Sony has let on.

The now-infamous 2011 massive hack of the PlayStation Network also hit Sony hard, with the company confirming that the personal information of 77 million people had been compromised. After over ten years in production, Sony has officially ceased manufacturing the PlayStation 3 in Japan. With such assurance emboldening the platform holder, we could see more of the risky titles that has served PlayStation reputation well so far this generation. The PlayStation 4 has now sold 53.4 million consoles.

The PS4 has already sold about 50 million consoles and still has a couple of years left which should allow it to cope up with the record set by the PS3 console.