Sean Spicer Says President Trump Considers His Tweets 'Official' White House Statements

  • Sean Spicer Says President Trump Considers His Tweets 'Official' White House Statements

Sean Spicer Says President Trump Considers His Tweets 'Official' White House Statements

Trump wields a privilege to say whatever he wants on Twitter with few repercussions but at the expense of many. It may also lead to his impeachment. When it finds a new post, the bot drops the text onto White House letterhead to ensure it's recognized as a formal statement from the president. Senators are expected to ask whether the president urged him to ease off his investigation of Flynn.

"The obsession with covering everything he says on Twitter and little of what he does as president" irked Kellyanne Conway during an interview NBC's Today Monday.

But the issues are more serious than office gossip, particularly if another Tuesday Times scoop-that former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey told Sessions in February he did not want to be left alone with the president-is true.

Trump barked back at Spicer, obviously upset and unnerved.

And Americans from across the political spectrum are exhausted of it according to a poll released by Politico.

As the Trump administration prepares for Thursday's highly anticipated testimony of James Comey to the Senate Intelligence committee, the planned congressional testimony of a current administration official on Wednesday suddenly has new relevance.

It'll be the first time Comey is in a public forum, subject to lawmakers' open questions about his conversations with Trump.

In the three months since Sessions stepped aside, the intensity of the probe has grown exponentially - culminating in Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's decision to appoint Robert Mueller as special counsel. That includes those "are my followers bots?" tools, which just look at how often people have tweeted and when their accounts were created and so on, and are therefore not necessarily a good guide to how numerous accounts actually aren't driven by humans. "He's going in the face of all these dissenting voices about his tweeting, facing them head on and saying, 'Excuse me, we're not going to do what you say anymore". How dare he call me a liar.

Also pitching in to launch the administration's new Trump Tweet wrangling campaign, Trump surrogate Sebastian Gorka scolded CNN's Chris Cuomo for bringing up POTUS' latest round of rage tweets. Senior adviser and Trump-in-law Jared Kushner is under the microscope for a meeting he had during the transition with a Russian banker who has a relationship with Vladimir Putin.

As of publication, Mr. Spicer could be seen floating somewhere above Pennsylvania, flapping his arms and trying in vain to get to D.C. before his parachute took him all the way down to the ground. We get it, we understand that, everybody knows it, man. He couldn't let it rest. His temper grew when staff (and he) could not get straight the reason for Comey's dismissal. To break his all-time longest tweet drought, according to Bump, Trump would need to not tweet until 6:14 a.m. tomorrow.

"I think it's been great for him on the electoral side". And Comey will of course make the same case in his deposition to his friend Bob Mueller.

Trump had other ideas.

Trump's tweeting is a cause for great concern because his Twitter feed is now the primary source of policy for the United States.