Russia's Lavrov calls for talks to ease Qatar stand-off

  • Russia's Lavrov calls for talks to ease Qatar stand-off

Russia's Lavrov calls for talks to ease Qatar stand-off

Saudi Arabia's state-run news agency carried an official statement welcoming Trump's remarks, adding that cutting off terrorism funding "required decisive and swift action. regardless of its financier".

For its part, Qatar issued an overnight statement saying residents living in the country from nations that severed ties would have "complete freedom" to stay despite the "hostile and tendentious campaigns" now targeting it. Jordan and Djibouti reduced their diplomatic status with Qatar. Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis says that the base in Qatar remains particularly critical for the U.S. air war against ISIS.

On Monday, a group of Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the UAE severed diplomatic ties with major US partner Qatar, accusing the oil-rich country of sponsoring violent extremism and causing regional instability. Egypt, and several other Arab nations, soon followed suit.

Qatar, meanwhile, pledged those nations' citizens will have "complete freedom" to stay in the energy-rich country.

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain may loosen curbs on humanitarian cases of Qatari families with marital ties to both countries.

In an attempt to reassure customers, the state-run company said it had "mobilised all available resources" to mitigate any actions that could disrupt supplies.

Qatar isn't the only Gulf nation accused of not sufficiently cracking down on support for extremist groups.

The key American media house has gone on to write: "Still others suggested Qatar had become cosy with Iran, with which it shares a major offshore gas field, even as Qatari soldiers fight alongside Saudi troops against Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen and with Syrian opposition groups against the Iranian-backed regime in Damascus". Erdogan also greenlighted another pact on military cooperation between the two countries, and has said that isolating Qatar would not solve any of the region's concerns.

The land border with Saudi Arabia, through which 40% of Qatar's food comes, has been closed. Hamas' presence in Qatar does not mean that Qatar supports it.

He also thanked Saudi Arabia and King Salman for participating in the summit. Al-Qaradawi has been tried and sentenced to death in absentia in Egypt since the 2013 military overthrow of elected President Mohammed Morsi, a Brotherhood member.

Qatar will pay the Ashcroft Law Firm $2.5 million for 90 days of work as the country seeks to confirm its efforts to fight global terrorism and comply with financial regulations including U.S. Treasury rules.

"The Government of the State of Qatar strongly condemns terrorism in all its forms".

Worldwide terrorism, violent extremism and religious intolerance pose grave threat not only to regional stability but also to global peace and order and must be confronted by all countries in a coordinated and comprehensive manner, the ministry said.

"Our position on countering terrorism is stronger than numerous signatories of the joint statement - a fact that has been conveniently ignored by the authors", the Qatari government said in a statement.