Pittsburgh to Trump: You don't speak for us on climate

"This decision can not and will not deter all of us who feel obliged to protect this earth", Merkel declared. "We believe that continued USA participation benefits USA businesses and the economy in important and multiple ways".

We will keep working toward the ambitious goals of a closed-loop supply chain, and to eventually stop mining new materials altogether. "This requires our efforts to resolve existing issues". But when pressed on whether Mr. Trump actually believes that humans play a role in climate change, Pruitt skirted the question.

Microsoft president Brad Smith posted his response on LinkedIn saying in part: "Microsoft believes that climate change is an urgent issue that demands global action".

But most of the uncertainty arises from how the 194 other signatories of the Paris Agreement and the global economy will respond to Trump's decision.

A while later, he added: "It is time to put Youngstown, Ohio, Detroit, Michigan, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, along with many, many other locations within our great country, before Paris, France".

Van Nostrand at West Virginia University told us that while China is committed to growing its economy, it has been willing to commit to reducing the intensity of carbon dioxide. "I would say that there are climate exaggerators".

"This historic partnership to push forward with the Paris Agreement is a significant advance in the fight against climate change".

Around 150 mayors, who say they represent 47 million Americans, have also committed to uphold the Paris commitments, intensify efforts to meet climate goals and increase investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency. "In order to accelerate the transition to a materially lower carbon energy mix quickly, the world has got to do significantly more than it is doing today". If one of them were to follow the USA withdrawal, it's unlikely that the Paris accord would lead to large-scale reduction of emissions.

At a long-planned meeting on Friday between Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and European Union officials in Brussels, the leaders pledged full implementation of the Paris deal.

She was also accused by opponents of failing to stand up to the United States over its withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. But Kiene urged leaders to translate their words into actions. Already, hundreds of thousands of Americans work in the clean energy sector, and growth in clean energy jobs is rising fast: In 2016 alone, solar industry employment grew by 25 percent, while wind jobs grew 32 percent. We care about the environment and energy efficiency.

President Morton Schapiro joined the presidents of other colleges and universities as well as governors, mayors and business leaders around the U.S.in signing the Grand Coalition Statement on the Paris Agreement and vowing "to take forceful action and to ensure that the US remains a global leader in reducing emissions".

Just hours after Trump's decision was made public, three U. S. states with the largest economies - California, New York, and Washington State - announced they are forming something called the United States Climate Alliance.

President Trump has yet to formally withdraw the US from the initiative, but given his executive order targeting the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, he seems unlikely to make the Mission Innovation's goals a priority.

Tusk said Europe was "stepping up our cooperation on climate change with China..." "That's the message mayors, governors, and business leaders all across the US have been sending".

The earliest possible date for America's official withdrawal from the Paris agreement is November 4, 2020 - the day after the next US presidential election - although Trump's current term in office is not due to end until January 20, 2021.