New iPhone feature will block texts while driving

  • New iPhone feature will block texts while driving

New iPhone feature will block texts while driving

Drag-and-drop is the new feature offered by iOS 11 for your iPad.

The feature could be a life-saver for owners of pre-iPhone 7 16GB models but it could also help owners of the 32GB iPhone 7 given storage-hogging features like Live Photos.

It works when the iPhone is connected to a vehicle via cable or Bluetooth. All a user has to do is to tap their NFC-equipped device to an NFC reader to get connected or receive information. Of course, none of this is going to happen overnight, but Apple has a ready iOS user base for nearly anything new it introduces, and this is yet another potential revenue stream that can help the company offset its heavy dependence on iPhone sales. The feature will be available when the mobile operating system is released.

If you have one of the older iPhone models, you'll either have to live with the bugs and glitches, or update to a newer version of the iPhone that benefits from the safety and software updates. Will you be upgrading to the latest iPhone 8?

At Apple's WorldWide Developer Conference, Apple launches HomePod- a smart home speaker.

32-bit processing will also be phased out for Mac use, with Apple telling developers at WWDS that Mac OS High Sierra would be the last model to be able to use 32-bit processing "without compromises".

Rather more like a phone, and boasting icons not unlike Android widgets, is the Control Centre - basically this puts all your icons on one page, with sliders for volume etc - making it much easier to control Apple Music and other apps.

As MacRumors points out, this could also help iOS 11 users preserve battery life by lessening the amount of time location services are active. According to The Sun, developers can get ARKit into their hands within this year. "We should not lose sight of the fact that drivers using the iPhone are involved in thousands of crashes", Feldman told the Huffington Post.

Popular apps will be downloaded more; however, newer ones will be hard to find after this.

It looks like Apple is finally giving some much-needed attention to the content creation tools baked into the iPhone.