NBA Finals Game 3 ratings up 22 percent from last year

  • NBA Finals Game 3 ratings up 22 percent from last year

NBA Finals Game 3 ratings up 22 percent from last year

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant faced plenty of backlash previous year when he joined a ready-made title contender.

James sat a grand total of two minutes and 23 seconds Wednesday, and only 34 seconds over the final three quarters.

The Warriors signed Durant to a two-year, $55 million deal, and before the ink was dry they were an immediate favorite to beat the Cavs in the Finals. Now the Warriors can break a new record and become the first National Basketball Association team to go 16-0 in the postseason.

"I'll probably be replaying that play for awhile", said Irving, whose own winning shot in Game 7 last June has haunted the Warriors for a year. Maybe they got a few seconds' rest, and that's a hard thing to do.

"Their team was already kind of put together, and you just implement a guy that's ready to sacrifice, a great talent, a guy that's willing to do whatever it takes to help the team win", James said. "Obviously you never know what's going to happen, but as it stands right now, they look pretty good as far as the future". And it doesn't look like the Cavs have any answers on defense. "I just felt like we just stayed with it, and eventually our defence kicked in". After the game, Draymond Green played the role of Captain Obvious, saying James was obviously exhausted.

Irving bounced back from a rough Game 2 with 38 points, including a couple of dazzling layups where he juked around multiple Warriors. They even had a third scoring option come through in JR Smith, who had 16 in the game and still it wasn't enough. Among the 170 individual postseason runs in which a player appeared in at least 10 games and averaged 25 or more points, Curry and Durant's 2017 True Shooting Percentages (TS%) rank fourth and first, according to Basketball Reference.

The bad news for Cleveland: No team in the finals has ever rebounded from a 3-0 series deficit to win the championship. Steve Kerr, the Warriors head coach, evidently saw thought that James and Irving would get exhausted eventually shouldering that workload.

Kerr knew what James knew before this series began when he wanted to bring in more fire power: that Kyrie and Bron-Bron can't do it all. The Cavaliers may need him to play 48 minutes to have any chance of extending the series. You have to go back to March, for a real loss. "It will be a massive upset, I think, if they're not there each and every year". Curry got the ensuing inbounds, absorbed the foul and made the game-sealing free throws.

Durant finished 31 points and eight rebounds, with guard Klay Thompson adding 30 points in a breakout performance after two weak games to start the series.

They talked about it. The Cavs Big Three?

Those 72-win Bulls of the 1995-96 season lost three whole games on their way to a fourth title. He also insisted that his team was better off playing at a high tempo than trying to slow down the Warriors.

With their 15th consecutive victory, the Warriors have the longest postseason streak for any team in the four major professional sports. Thompson was scorching with 16 points, while James countered with 16 for the Cavs. Several times they stood on the brink of breaking the Cavs only to fall just short. They can make that visiting locker room smell like Champagne again.

But both Irving and Love must always be at their best for Cleveland to win.