Microsoft unveils new console, the Xbox One X

  • Microsoft unveils new console, the Xbox One X

Microsoft unveils new console, the Xbox One X

Microsoft unveiled its new gaming system, the new Xbox One X, on Sunday at the annual E3 Expo in Los Angeles, claiming it's "the most powerful console ever made,".

The main course, of course, is our first all-around look at the Xbox One X, the 4k gaming system that Microsoft has been teasing for awhile now.

You can nab one of these bad boys for $499 come November 7, 2017. This support will be found in newer games, along with a selection of already released Xbox One games with free patches (a model similar to the PS4 Pro's improved performance with PlayStation 4 games).

So what all does this mean? For now though it seems to be for the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox One X alone.

Microsoft announced that the Xbox One's backwards compatibility will stretch to the original Xbox, expanding its library to a generation of games that include Jade Empire, Burnout 3: Takedown and more.

However, he added that the broader spectrum of gamers would likely be more interested in new titles exclusive to the console that might tempt them into buying it.

In truth, it's nearly certainly a mixture of both and, despite our obvious disappointment not to at least get a teaser of sorts for the kind of VR we could expect on Xbox One X, I have to agree it may have been the best move possible for the Xbox team.

Project Scorpio finally has a name.

Forza is a key Xbox franchise. You'll also be able to drive it in the game, obviously. Forza 7 Motorsport blasted onto the stage with Turn 10's Creative Director Dan Greenawalt narrating the all the new features - and cars - of Forza 7.

The original Jet Set Radio got an HD remake a few years ago, but Xbox is still the only place to play Jet Set Radio Future. On PC we've seen such tech in specific games, such as Shadow of Mordor and The Witcher 2, while AMD and Nvidia have both built the tech into their recent graphics cards (Virtual Super Resolution and Dynamic Super Resolution, respectively).

At least Xbox One S is getting a price cut.