May could lose majority in election: YouGov projection

  • May could lose majority in election: YouGov projection

May could lose majority in election: YouGov projection

With just ten days to go until the United Kingdom hits the 2017 General Election polling stations on 8 June, Betfair Politics reports that it has recorded £22 million traded across its "UK 2017" Exchange betting markets.

Theresa May's first major task as prime minister was to negotiate Brexit, but her party only had a small majority in Parliament.

The Tories received £3,772,550 between 17 and 23 May, according to the Electoral Commission's latest weekly figures.

"I am confident that we can fulfill the promise of Brexit together and build a Britain that is stronger, fairer and even more prosperous than it is today", May said.

In the past week, polls have put the Conservatives' lead at anything from three to 15 percentage points over Labour.

But if she does not handsomely beat the 12-seat majority Cameron won in 2015, her electoral gamble will have failed and her authority could be undermined just as she tries to deliver what she has told voters will be a successful Brexit.

A LATEST election poll suggests the Conservatives could fail to win a majority and a south Essex Labour candidate says "the wheels are coming off the Tories' campaign".

The poll, commissioned by The Times, found the Conservative lead has slipped dramatically in recent weeks and is now within the margin of error.

Is the United Kingdom heading for a Hung Parliament? "But hard to reconcile with YouGov published polls".

Sterling fell on Friday on concerns May's lead was under pressure but climbed to the day's high against the dollar on Tuesday after the ICM poll.

"There is a slightly more cautious attitude as a result of those narrowing polls", said Michael Hewson, chief market analyst at CMC Markets.

Kathleen Brooks, research director at City Index Direct, added: "At this late stage of the United Kingdom election campaign, the pollsters are more divided on the size of the Conservative Party's lead than at any other time during the election".

How have the polls changed during the campaign?

"The prime minister seems to have difficulties in meeting anyone or having a debate", Corbyn said.

If this happened, the Conservatives would still be the biggest party - but they wouldn't have an overall majority.

At a campaign rally in southwest England, May denied she was running scared.

They said: "People on the doorstep are telling me: 'She's going after pensioners, she doesn't know what she's doing, she doesn't answer questions on the TV'".

But after sending shockwaves around the political world last night, the pollsters quickly stressed the drawbacks of their new model for the 2017 general election.

"It's actually about getting out and about, meeting voters and hearing directly from voters".