LeBron James: 'I gave everything I had' in Game 3 loss

What it will also do is once again fire up an argument/discussion/debate that's been raging in some parts of the sport about Kevin Durant and LeBron James and LeBron James and history and the Golden State Warriors and the all-time great teams and I've got a couple of quick thoughts on that.

Even before the Celtics' modern Big Three, there was Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant.

Team defense means no more embarrassing defensive lapses in Game 1 and 2 that allowed Durant and Klay Thompson to drive to the rim uncontested, or playing passive and expecting Golden State to wilt like a year ago, because I'm sure by now that they are exhausted of all the 3-1 memes and joke and look like a team on a mission.

And the Warriors point to Game 3 as the initial turning point. My game is getting into the paint, shooting some outside shots when they're available. It appeared they might have because in closing time the Warriors were much fresher.

Wednesday's NBA Finals game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors proved one thing, and one thing only: No matter how well the Cavs play, and they played really well, they can not win this series, let alone a game. "We don't play slowdown basketball", Cavaliers forward LeBron James told reporters on Tuesday in Cleveland, site of the next two games.

There has been a narrative as we conclude this NBA season of the 2017 Playoffs being incredibly uneventful with these two dominant teams cruising in to the NBA Finals.

"It's physically and emotionally draining because I give everything to the game and want to put myself and my teammates in position to be successful", James said after the game. With a win in Game 3 they would pass the 1992-93 Pittsburgh Penguins for the most consecutive playoff wins by any major professional sports team.

Slow Down The Pace, Get Production From The Bench: This goes without saying, but you can not out-Warrior the Warriors in terms of trying to outscore them. Neither one craves the spotlight, but neither one shies away from it either. "I'd be willing to bet both of them would rather have a title than that title".

Probably made a lot closer than we needed to. "But I don't expect anybody on the outside who really doesn't know the game to look at me as a defender because once you're labeled something that's what you're going to be". In addition to overcoming their opponent's home-court advantage, the Warriors have been undone in Game 3s by injuries, shaky execution, poor effort, and overconfidence along the way. He's a great dude. I feel like I'm on dating show right now. And Pluto says the Cavs supporting cast of stars such as J.R. Smith, Tristan Thompson and Kyle Korver - have not stepped up.

"We all bring a little something different to the table and the pieces of that puzzle fit really well", Curry said. I don't [attribute] us losing this game because we got exhausted.

Durant has bonded well with Curry as he once did with star Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City.

Durant and James have faced off in seven Finals games, in 2012 and this season, with the former outscoring his counterpart in five (one of the games they were tied).

Durant signed a two-year contract with the Warriors last year. "We challenge each other as well, so it has been a great dynamic".

"It's the most firepower I've played in my career", said James, who played all but two minutes.

With all that said, if LeBron does not score at least 40 in every game from here on out, Golden State will be dancing in the confetti in no time at all. "But now, that's kind of what every (big) guy wants to be like". It's just insane. He's hard to explain.