Dennis Rodman says 'trying to open a door' in North Korea

  • Dennis Rodman says 'trying to open a door' in North Korea

Dennis Rodman says 'trying to open a door' in North Korea

It wasn't immediately clear whether his release was connected to Rodman's visit.

"We all have specialties, but Dennis does have a view about human beings and the natural state of affairs. his view seems to me is that if people will talk and interact and if there's dialogue and exchanges and interactions, this process will naturally lead to de-escalation", Pinkston told CNN.

Rodman, 56, is returning to North Korea for the first time in three years, a senior Donald Trump advisor confirmed to Fox News.

Rodman tweeted that he was "headed to North Korea" on behalf of PotCoin, a website that facilitates legal cannabis transactions.

He has been called on to defend his travels to North Korea in the past, saying in an interview with CNN in 2014 they would help "open the door" to the reclusive state and describing the North Korean leader as his "friend for life".

Rodman with Mr Jong-Un in 2014.

The United States, which has never had diplomatic ties, warned numerous times in recent weeks that Kim's regime is the most urgent threat to the worldwide community. That would be grounds in North Korea for a subversion charge.

Still, the trip fueled speculation that something more was underway.

CBS News correspondent Seth Doane reported a year ago that Warmbier was in North Korea for a five-day visit and was detained at Pyongyang's airport ahead of a flight back to China.

In fact, political activist, consultant and National Basketball Association agent David Sugarman put on the full court press months ago recognizing it was a similar situation to that of Kenneth Bae who Sugarman helped to free from a North Korean prison in 2014.

From there it gets even worse. He said that over the past 18 months, Warmbier's family has "had to endure more than any family should have to bear".

"Dennis is not a diplomat or scholar of global affairs or security or diplomacy, so people should not have that expectation of him", says Daniel Pinkston, an East Asia expert at Troy University in South Korea, who advised Rodman personally during his previous trips to North Korea. "There is hell-and it's my homeland". In no uncertain terms North Korea must explain the causes of his coma. But this has not stopped the Kim regime from fielding an army of over 1.2 million men under arms, and seven million in reserve.

Nearly immediately on taking office in January, Trump and his team - having been briefed by outgoing leader Barack Obama - declared the North's attempts to build, test and arm a nuclear-capable ballistic missile to be Washington's biggest threat.

The Rodman link appears to have already sent PotCoin soaring: the currency's value has jumped more than 60% since Monday to around 17 US cents, according to industry website He adds, "Though Rodman appeared on Trump's reality show and endorsed him for president, analysts don't think he is acting as a back channel conduit between the two countries".

Dennis Rodman's playing days are over, but he is playing no one by this publicity stunt and is making a tragic mistake going anywhere near North Korea-yet again.

Shame on you, Dennis.