Britain says no European Union exit deal unless future relationship taken into account

  • Britain says no European Union exit deal unless future relationship taken into account

Britain says no European Union exit deal unless future relationship taken into account

DUP leader Arlene Foster, who was asked to resign in the wake of a heating incentive scandal that cost the government hundreds of thousands of pounds, said on Twitter that discussions are "going well" and that there will be an agreement of sorts.

"Let me tell you, the only certainty in this mess is that we will be leaving but that hasn't stopped a parade of former Prime Ministers and of former European commissioners lining up and attempting to get the British Government to backslide on its commitments".

On a visit to Paris on Tuesday evening where she met with French President Emmanuel Macron, May described the talks as "productive".

"We know each other and we understand each other", she said.

Though Foster supported Brexit, she also might demand that May pursue a cushioned exit from the European Union, given her party's wish that a soft border remain between Northern Ireland and Ireland, an European Union member. They are part of the European Economic Area, which was established in 1994 as a way of allowing non-EU countries to be members of the single market. The EU says Britain can not block EU migrants but also retain the privilege of being a full member of the EU single market.

Guy Verhofstadt, a European lawmaker, said on Twitter that it's time the United Kingdom answers five key questions before negotiations begin next week. But like Alice In Wonderland, not all doors are the same.

"There is a new opportunity to bring Europe forward", he said, explaining that both Hammond and he agreed from the first day that Brexit was a "situation they had to accept" and that they had to minimize the potential damage and maximize the mutual benefit.

The meetings came as time is running out for the parties to reach an agreement on restoring devolved government to Stormont, with the Government set to resume direct rule from Westminster if there is no deal by June 29.

"The Labour Party stands ready to offer strong and stable leadership in the national interest", he said.

On his talks in London with Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday, he said they had offered an "Irish solution to an English problem" as giving Northern Ireland special European Union status after Brexit to keep an open border on the island.

Before the Mansion House dinner was cancelled because of the fire, finance minister Hammond had been due to tackle fears among the financial elite that May's insistence that "no deal is better than a bad deal" would cost them business.

Whatever her ultimate plan, she will be heavily reliant upon the 10 lawmakers from the euroskeptic DUP, who would help her edge past the 326 votes needed in parliament to avoid the government collapsing.

It has opposed the proposed Conservative-DUP liaison on the grounds that it would undermine the government's ability to act as a "honest broker" in disputes between Northern Ireland's parties.

The Northern Ireland-based party is being courted by May to create an alliance to push through the Conservative Party's agenda after a disastrous snap election left May short of a majority in Parliament.

And it throws into fresh doubt whether the Brexit negotiations - also pencilled in to start next Monday - will be shelved until the new Government is properly in place.