Ariana Grande Vows Return To Manchester In Letter To Fans

  • Ariana Grande Vows Return To Manchester In Letter To Fans

Ariana Grande Vows Return To Manchester In Letter To Fans

Eight men, aged between 18 and 38, have been arrested on suspicion of terror offences in relation to the attack.

Ariana Grande is planning on returning to Manchester following the blast that killed 22 and injured dozens.

Witnesses say that the bomb went off outside the auditorium.

The newspaper's report carried detailed information about the device and how it appears the young Manchester man might have carried out the attack, including preliminary findings by the British authorities that the small detonator switch was found in the bomber's left hand. While Home Secretary Amber Rudd said he was on the radar of the intelligence service "up to a point", it was not clear how much attention officials had paid to his activities, where he was radicalized and whether authorities could have stopped him.

U.S. singer Ariana Grande plans to resume her "Dangerous Woman" tour in Paris on June 7.

Ismail Abedi, 24, the bomber's brother, arrested in Whalley Range, south Manchester, on Tuesday.

Following Monday's attack in which 116 people were also injured, May and Corbyn suspended campaigning for a snap June 8 election.

Police made two more attests Saturday, bringing the number of suspects in custody to 11. In fact, both British and French intelligence services knew he had spent some time in Syria.

Akram Ramadan, a member of the Libyan community in Manchester, alleged that Abedi had been banned from a local mosque after allegedly interrupting an imam's anti-Islamic State sermon, saying "You are talking bollocks". British security officials say at least five terror plots in Britain have been thwarted in the past two months, although they have not released details of the plots.

"Our priorities are to understand the run-up to this bad event and to understand if more people were involved in planning this attack". "There are over 400 investigations now ongoing by the security services and police into terrorist planning or people thinking about terrorist planning".

Olivia Campbell, 15, was confirmed dead on Wednesday by her mother, who had issued heartrending appeals for help when her daughter was still listed as missing.

Police have yet to confirm if the raid was in connection with the ongoing investigation into the suicide bombing.

Nearly 1,000 soldiers have been deployed to guard key locations around the United Kingdom, including Buckingham Palace, to free up armed police to conduct extra patrols. The last time troops were deployed on British streets was in 2007. The troops will gradually be withdrawn from Monday, May said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Theresa May said she and other leaders at G7 summit in Italy agreed Friday that the threat from ISIS "is revolving, rather than disappearing".

A minute's silence was observed in honor of the victims at a square in central Manchester, after which crowds broke into an emotional chorus of "Don't Look Back in Anger", an old hit song by the band Oasis who are from the city.

Investigators found a "significant" link between Abedi and Raphael Hostey, a young fellow Mancunian who allegedly recruited IS members before reportedly being killed in a drone strike in Syria a year ago.