Apple Launches MacBook Pro Upgrades at WWDC 2017

  • Apple Launches MacBook Pro Upgrades at WWDC 2017

Apple Launches MacBook Pro Upgrades at WWDC 2017

Otherwise, for $2,899 you can get a fast new iMac that will make you feel like you can get most projects done more efficiently.

Beta releases of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra are available to registered Apple developers with public beta programs expected to start later this month. Announcing the changes at WWDC 2017, Apple's Craig Federighi said the update was focused more on refining the previous software, rather than redesigning it. The laptop, like virtually every other system Apple produces, got a component update. Yep, that's not a typo - 18 cores with Turbo Boost speeds up to 4.5GHz. I doubt they're significant enough to warrant trading in an existing Retina iMac, unless Thunderbolt 3 is a necessity. Apple has also designed the devices to be able to handle virtual reality processing and development, partnering with HTC to bring Vive to the platform.

The iMac Pro has been designed keeping in mind the necessities of professionals who need to work with extensive amounts of data sets and use cases, which require enormous processing power and memory capabilities. Apple has also confirmed that it's working on a new version of the Mac Pro, though there are no specs for this as yet.

Fusion Drive hybrid storage is standard on all 27-inch models, and the top 21.5-inch model. The Radeon Pro 500 Series graphics deliver the "optimal combination of high performance and cool + quiet operation" says AMD. If you want more power and that insane 5K display (it's gonna cost you!) then go with one of the 27-inch models.

These laptops weigh 2lbs and are 13.1mm thin.

All new iMacs also get a pair of new USB-C ports, but Apple is not repeating its MacBook Pro mistake - legacy ports including USB 3.0 remain, so dongles are not needed to use existing peripherals. The 13-inch MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar now comes for Rs 1,09,900 which is cheaper than its previous Rs 1,29,000 price tag. All the new iMacs come with Thunderbolt 3 ports.

We should also mention that Apple has updated its MacBook and MacBook Pro lines. The new Apple iMac Pro, claimed to be the most powerful Mac ever, was probably the star of the show. The hardest part of that is dealing with heat, because the iMac Pro will feature Intel Xeon processors in 8-core, 10-core, or 18-core configurations. The overall design of the iMac has aged surprisingly well and the desktop is still one of the best all-in-one devices on the market, though Microsoft's Surface Studio and its "Zero Gravity" hinge certainly gives its main competitor a more futuristic look. It also automatically blocks those annoying autoplay ads and prevents advertisements from tracking you across the web - features we've been hoping would be standard in browsers for a while now.

AMD has officially launched the Polaris-powered Radeon Pro 500 series, featured in the new iMac and MacBook Pro models, even as Apple promises to ship Vega-based systems by December.