ABC is off and running with NBA Finals

  • ABC is off and running with NBA Finals

ABC is off and running with NBA Finals

Blown out in Games 1 and 2 by the Golden State Warriors, looking for something to change in the first home game before the series is over for all intents and purposes. Numerous same concerns that are being heard now had surfaced after the first two games of the 2016 Finals, when he averaged just 18.0 points and contributed just 10 points in an embarrassing Game 2 loss. They dictated the pace and mucked up the entire series. "Because the last two, three quarters they have come out and jumped on us and done it in a very significant way".

"Well, it's been a great run but none of that matters unless we can finish the job with this series", Kerr told reporters. "Especially when we're 14-0".

However, the Cavs countered in Game 2 by lulling the Warriors to sleep and slipping some of those screens to catch them offguard.

"It's all Golden State and over". Durant leads all players with 71 points the first two games - six more than the player he replaced in the lineup, Harrison Barnes, scored in seven games a year ago.

CG: So now, as we watch the Warriors slice through the National Basketball Association playoffs like a hot knife through butter, those people who don't enjoy the dominance are looking to blame someone for their unhappiness. "They're a different team".

I can't remember who it was, but when we, at Golden State of Mind, were talking about this earlier, someone responded to say that this isn't so much about prioritizing Irving over James as it is a simple recognition of attacking a weakness.

"We have to play fast".

Golden State and Game 3s go together like oil and water. And the Cavs girls are ready to show them how to cheer. We try to do it all year. [We] understand the task ahead and know that this is going to be the hardest game of the series. It's going to take a full game on both ends of the floor to defeat this historically great group Golden State has assembled. "I'm more of a present guy so we just got to figure out how we can be better in game three".

TickPick's average prices for Games 1 and 2 at Oracle Arena were $1,819.94 and $2,103.43. "(LeBron James) probably thinks that Kevin Durant is the second-best player in the National Basketball Association, but he's never said that". That average has fallen down by almost 25 points against this stingy Warriors defense in the first two games.

In the two previous Finals matchups against the Warriors, J.R. Smith hadn't shot the ball well, but still averaged 11.0 points per in those 13 meetings, including a much-needed 20-point outburst in last year's Game 3 at The Q. This year, the Warriors have won by a combined 41-point margin.

He provided an example of a situation in Game 2 where Cleveland was neck and neck with Golden State until things went awry in an instant. "But you hate to continue to put yourself in these positions". "We get a chance to go home now to our home crowd where we play well, also".

Cavs fans are hoping for some of that sports magic to come their way again because if this remains a conventional conflict won and lost on the field of play by the forces directly arrayed against each other, this is over. While the Cavs boast tremendous offensive firepower, they also have several one-way players that the Warriors have wisely targeted on offense. "It's too fresh. We're going to go home and watch the film to see ways we can be better".

Cleveland's bench will contribute to matching the Warriors' offensive onslaught.

So, don't hate Kevin Durant or the Warriors, hate the game - or simply embrace the 2017 version.

"It started in 2010, [when] we first made the playoffs and going over scouting reports, defense is the only thing you really are concerned about, really, to start the series", Durant said. "But it can't be just a few minutes".

James is now 3-4 in the NBA Finals and is two losses away from falling from 3-5.