United States, Trump given more time to decide on Paris climate agreement

  • United States, Trump given more time to decide on Paris climate agreement

United States, Trump given more time to decide on Paris climate agreement

But with Macron seeking to cement his presidential status less than a month after his election victory and to ensure a no-mistakes policy just three weeks before a crucial legislative vote at home, the 39-year-old clearly took a different approach to some of the other leaders. CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta tweeted Trump as saying.

"The whole discussion on the topic of climate was very hard, not to say very unsatisfactory" Merkel said, as the two-day G7 summit of some of the world's wealthiest nations in the seaside town of Taormina, Sicily, drew to a close.

White House economic adviser Gary Cohn says statements issued after summits like the G-7 are always a "give and take".

"He feels much more knowledgeable on the topic today", Cohn said.

"His views are evolving, he came here to learn", Cohn said.

Leaders warned the US president that he risks a stampede, as others in the 195-nation agreement use American withdrawal from the treaty to reduce their own commitments.

President Trump is wrapping up his nine-day foreign trip and while there's word of progress on trade talks at the G7 Summit, Mr. Trump declined t... Cohn told reporters that Trump was struck by "how important it is for the United States to show leadership" and how even in massive worldwide agreements, there's "a big gap when you take the biggest economy out".

Disappointment over the Paris Agreement was countered by relief when Trump agreed on Saturday to language in the final G7 communique that pledged "to fight all forms of protectionism" and committed to a rules-based global trade system. Already, more than 400 US cities, 37 states, 800 universities and almost half of all Fortune 500 companies have set clean energy and emissions targets. The six knew that Mr. Trump would not be a pushover, though they probably had some hope that their combined weight could force him to bend.

"Therefore we didn't beat about the bush but rather made it very clear that we six of the G7 member states plus the European Union continue to support the targets".

"It was a tremendously productive meeting where I strengthen American bonds", Mr Trump said.

Not yet on the agenda: a news conference.

Trump was warmly welcomed in the Middle East, but in Europe he's faced a far cooler reception. The president was warmly received on his opening stops in Saudi Arabia and Israel, though he has come under more pressure in Europe, particularly over the Paris accord.

G7 leaders will meet again in 2018 in Canada.

Other odd moments from this trip include the "grip and grit your teeth" handshake with new French President Emmanuel Macron, the failed attempts at hand holding with the first lady and video of Trump shoving aside Dusko Markovic, the prime minister of Montenegro, as the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders got ready for their class photo.

However, the United States remained isolated from the other six G7 nations over climate change, demanding more time to decide whether to honour its commitments to reduce carbon emissions under the 2015 Paris Agreements.

He said the president, who has dismissed global warming as a "hoax", would make a final decision when he returned home, but stressed that he would put economic development first. White House adviser Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, the president's son-in-law and daughter, have joined Tillerson in advocating staying. One potential compromise that's emerged involves staying in the climate accord but adjusting the USA emissions targets.

Trump took part in the ceremonial spectacle of the summit over the two days, this time at a picturesque Sicilian town above the Mediterranean Sea.

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke with him at length about the climate deal during a meeting Thursday in Brussels. The official said Trump repeatedly referred to Le Pen as "this woman" in their conversation and never mentioned her by name, the official noted.