Sturgeon warns of 'emboldened Tory government' ahead of SNP manifesto launch

  • Sturgeon warns of 'emboldened Tory government' ahead of SNP manifesto launch

Sturgeon warns of 'emboldened Tory government' ahead of SNP manifesto launch

An SNP election win will seal a "triple lock" on a second independence referendum, Nicola Sturgeon has said, while admitting her proposed timetable could slip beyond spring 2019, is how The Herald covers the story.

Nicola Sturgeon will use her stranglehold over Jeremy Corbyn in a "coalition of chaos" to force up income tax across the whole of the United Kingdom, it was claimed last night.

Scottish Labour also have some encouragement in this poll, which puts them on 25 per cent, up from the 24.3 per cent of the vote they secured on what was an abysmal night in 2015 and the 22.6 per cent they secured in the constituency section of last year's election to Holyrood.

"We've got that mandate already", she said, adding that victory would "underline and reinforce that mandate".

Scottish first minister renews call for independence referendum when Brexit terms are known.

The publication of the document, delayed from last week due to the Manchester terror attacks, comes as the SNP leader suggested the possibility of a "progressive alliance" that would pursue "progressive policies" at Westminster if the June 8 election resulted in a hung parliament.

The Prime Minister added: "That could mean in just 10 days' time a government in chaos, Jeremy Corbyn in No 10, John McDonnell in the Treasury, Diane Abbott in the Home Office and Nicola Sturgeon and the Lib Dems pulling the strings". Claiming to be in favour of a 50p top rate of tax across the United Kingdom but refusing to introduce one in Scotland where she actually has the power to do so is cynical politics at its worst. "I'm pointing you to an entire record, a manifesto and a programme for government that says we're opposed to independence and a second independence referendum".

Mr Corbyn said: "There will be no deals".

She appealed directly to older voters, who are most likely to oppose independence, and said the Tory policies on a "dementia tax", winter fuel payments and ending the triple lock on pensions had shown they could not be trusted with safeguarding the elderly, although only the latter applies in Scotland.

"Labour voters in Scotland now know that Jeremy Corbyn would sell them down the river", Davidson said, according to the Telegraph.

In response, Scottish Labour urged Corbyn to debunk the claims.

'In the current financial year, we have frozen the basic rate of income tax to help low and middle earners - and we have opted not to cut tax for higher rate taxpayers through an increase in the higher rate threshold. We'll also back fair work by supporting the repeal of the Trade Union Act 2016 and a ban on exploitative zero-hours contracts.

"Only the SNP can provide the strong opposition that Scotland needs to protect our schools, hospitals and vital public services from deeper Tory cuts and further damaging austerity", Sturgeon said in the central Scottish city of Perth on Tuesday. Scots rejected independence by ten percentage points in 2014 and support for secession since then is little changed.