Senate Delves into ACA Substitute Bill's Medicaid Reform Provisions

  • Senate Delves into ACA Substitute Bill's Medicaid Reform Provisions

Senate Delves into ACA Substitute Bill's Medicaid Reform Provisions

The 217-213 margin was closer than GOP leaders would have liked-all House Democrats and numerous chamber's most conservative Republicans opposed it, though for opposite reasons.

According to 2017 data from Congress' bicameral, bipartisan Joint Economic Committee, on which I serve, Illinoisans saw an average rise in premiums of 50.3 percent with 63 percent of counties (many in my district) only offering one or two options for insurance on the Obamacare health exchange. The health care bill fully maintains "guaranteed issue", which prevents the denial of health care due to pre-existing conditions, age, gender, etc.

"I will continue to work with my colleagues to keep my promise to reverse the burdens created by Obamacare and restore patient-centered health care", he said.

Republicans who celebrated their new health care bill last week now might be tugging at their collars. One major change to the original bill is that individual states would be permitted to apply for a waiver from several existing ACA regulations. It noted that a previous version of the bill "would result in 24 million Americans losing health insurance, while facing increased costs". "Like a decade ago, insurers would also be allowed to not cover Cesarean sections at all or charge women a 25-percent premium surcharge for this coverage". But those moves - while they may win consensus among Senate moderates - are unlikely to sit well with House conservatives.

Trump health care will only take us further into our reactionary past and further away from a possible return to democracy in this nation.

The pending estimates are significant because the House GOP leadership rushed through Thursday's vote on the legislation - which polarized even factions within the chamber's Republican conference - without waiting for the CBO's budget analysts to size up its fiscal and insurance coverage impact.

And while 37 percent of voters disapproved of the bill before the vote, that had increased to 44 percent of voters on the heels of the vote, according to the poll. "This is a great plan". Today, I voted to repeal and replace Obamacare, just as the American people asked for on Election Day. "Make no mistake about it", Trump said at a celebratory White House appearance with House Republicans.

Female senators will apparently be included in the Republicans' all-male working group on health care after all.

Some 38 percent expect pharmaceutical drug prices to rise in the coming years while a majority are hopeful they will stay where they are or begin to come down.