Microsoft to unveil what's next on May 23

A live stream will be provided by the company. Released in October 2015 and greatly pleased, it needs renewal. In fact, by May of past year, Chrome-based devices have outsold the Mac for the very first time. Or will it be a new Surface Book? Interestingly, just last week, the company reported a 26% decline in revenue for its Surface revenue, which was likely caused by the lack of new products for its Surface Pro line, as well as the Surface Book line. They introduced a new settings section for Cortana in the Settings app.

But none of those solutions turned out to be ideal.

There are a few different things users will need to know before they purchase - or once they've already purchased - the Microsoft Surface Laptop.

In the same way, the context menu of the Windows Defender icon should also be improved, giving users several direct access functions, which sure would be very much appreciated by most users. It has a bad screen with mile-wide bezels and an overall design that's really starting to show its age after almost seven years. Thankfully, the best Surface Laptop deals can help keep prices down and save shoppers money.

One way to activate a change-over to Windows 10 Pro is to attempt to install an application from outside the Windows Store.

But I was intrigued this week.

Windows 10 Pro comes free to anyone that purchases a Surface Laptop in 2017.

Just days after launching the Windows 10 S operating system and the Surface Laptop, Microsoft will host another Surface-related announcement. However, it won't let you use Google as your default browser. Moving forward, we must add that Microsoft declared that the new Windows 10 S is a big battery life saver.

The Windows 10 Creators Update comes with a new feature that allows you to restrict software installations to apps from the Windows Store. It'll be $49 after that. At the same time, Microsoft hasn't focused on the phone market in years so it doesn't make sense for them to release a phone now. Apple lost the high ground by effectively stripping the "pro" out of its pro lineup.

Placing a Surface Laptop pre-order gets shoppers a $50 gift card at Best Buy. Windows 10 Pro upgrades will cost $50 after this deal expires. It's not a category-defining product.

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