Microsoft reportedly aims to make Windows 10 PCs into smart home hubs

Hindustan Times is going to run a live blog about the updates and launches that the conference will unveil during the keynote presentation. These are CVE-2017-0262, a remote code execution vulnerability in Microsoft Word, and CVE-2017-0263, a local privilege escalation in the Windows OS. The day 1 keynote was all about Azure and AI; for day two, we're expecting to hear a lot more from the Windows and Devices Group.

When is Microsoft Build 2017?

We've already attended the education-focused event, where we got to witness the unveiling on Windows 10 S and the Surface laptop.

After a relatively modest start to the year in terms of Patch Tuesdays, with four security fixes in January and nine fixes in March, despite February's round of patches having been canceled, the latest swathe of updates from Microsoft is set to cast a large shadow over prior months. The LTSB track is available only to customers running Windows 10 Enterprise. So the best conclusion in general is that if you upgrade to the Windows 10 Pro, most likely you should expect not to return to the 10 S. For those unfamiliar with NEON, it's the next iteration for the Microsoft Design Language (MDL).

Mr Cluley did add, however, that he thought the Project Zero protocol for announcing the vulnerability had been risky, because it included information that malicious hackers might have found useful.

Although Windows 10 1507 will continue to operate without restrictions after tomorrow, without future bug fixes, the operating system "could become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses", Microsoft warned. Once a feature update to Windows 10 is deemed ready, Microsoft releases it to the mainstream. It was available for developers to pre-order for around $3000. The event typically features a parade of executives, and, behind the scenes, coding demonstrations explaining the ins and outs of making tools that play nicely with Microsoft's range of software.

The Windows developer is expected to roll out plans for its flagship OS Windows 10, digital assistant Cortana, new bots and Microsoft Office.

Reports also suggest the new streamlined version of Windows - Windows 10 S - will be discussed in more detail after it was announced last week.

That means, should Google wish to bring Chrome to Windows 10 S, it will have to switch to using EdgeHTML, which it is unlikely to do. Very much like Amazon Echo, Cortana would be used to send commands to smartdevices.

It is planning to support Hue, Nest, Insteon, Wink and SmartThings devices with the connected home app. If so, what has kept you from installing the new feature updates? We will have more details on everything that's coming to Windows 10 later this week, so stay tuned for more on that front. In the last Build conference, Microsoft had unveiled the first look of the Creator's Update. We will possibly be hearing some updates around this, with some onstage demonstration.

Peter Yared, chief technology officer of San Francisco-based software maker Sapho, called the way Microsoft deals with developers now "a complete flip in attitude".